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A new set of three booster pumps on a booster set

The complete pumping range

Our expert engineers are trained to carry out commercial pump services across the entire spectrum of water pumping equipment. This includes submersibles, waste water pumps, HVAC pumps, booster sets, expansion vessels, and beyond.

We cover London and all its surrounding counties, including Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, East and West Sussex and Surrey.

Our workshop is fully equipped to overhaul, repair and test pumps and motors of all sizes.

We adhere to SFG20's industry definitive standard for pump maintenance specifications.

A new hot water circulation pump and controller to replace an old inefficient model

Routine maintenance

It is important that pumps and their associated equipment are regularly serviced to keep the likelihood of failure to a minimum.

A routine maintenance contract will help identify potential issues before they become reality. Not only will equipment last longer, it will allow it to function as efficiently as possible, saving on costs both now and in the longterm.

Employing engineers that understand and are specially trained with the equipment is important, too. Self maintenance or hiring unskilled engineers will reduce a piece of equipment's lifespan and efficiency.

Our elite pump engineers are up-to-date with the latest water pumping equipment and software.

Engineer programming and checking a pump's latest information

Latest training & skills

Our engineers are on top of the latest innovations in hardware, software and programming. This allows us to get the most efficient performance possible from equipment we service, install and commission.

Industrial pump services include:

  • Planned annual or six-monthly maintenance routines
  • New pump installation and commissioning
  • Flow testing
  • Report sheets that are archived physically and digitally
  • On location pump and associated equipment repairs
  • Replacement pumps and associated equipment
  • Pump and motor rebuilds and refurbishments
  • On-location demonstrations and training of equipment
  • Consultation by our experienced engineers
  • Efficiency audits to establish where equipment can be more economical and cost saving

In addition to the following, we can perform full refurbishment and repair work on pumps and motors. If required, this can include removal from site to be carried out at our workshop and re-installation.

Quality replacements & parts

  • Supplier of Armstrong Fluid Technology replacements and spares for the commercial pump industry
  • Supplier of Calpeda replacements and spares for the commercial pump industry
  • Supplier of Ebara replacements and spares for the commercial pump industry
  • Supplier of Lowara replacements and spares for the commercial pump industry
  • Supplier of Grundfos replacements and spares for the commercial pump industry

Genuine & alternatives available

Longterm relationships with many of the world's pump manufacturers enables us to quote competitively and deliver promptly for spares and replacement equipment.

  • Armstrong
  • Grundfos
  • Ebara
  • Calpeda
  • Lowara
  • Flygt
  • KSB
  • ABB
  • Bailey Mackey
  • Danfoss
  • Motors
  • Inverters
  • Bearings
  • SFG20
  • Booster sets
  • Pressurisation units
  • Submersible pumps
  • Filtration pumps
  • Expansion and buffer vessels
  • Bareshaft

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