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Fire pump engineers

Our team of meticulous fire pump engineers are amongst the most experienced and trusted fire pump engineers in the country. We’re trained to service all types of fire pumps and associated equipment, including wet riser and hydrant pumps, multi-stage fire pumps, diesel driven fire pumps, control panels, jockey pumps, and more.

While primarily we cover London and its surrounding counties, given a little extra notice, we can carry out fire pump services UK wide.

Enjoy peace of mind by joining industry-leading manufacturers and organisations when you hire us as your fire pump company.

Precise. Punctual. Responsible. Unrivalled.

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Unrivalled experience

Experience is essential when choosing a fire pump company, given fire pumps are critical, life- and asset-saving equipment that simply cannot be allowed fail. Maintenance and repair of fire pumps should only be carried out by experienced engineers expertly trained in this field of work.

Duty of care

A fire pump should not be taken offline lightly. Even if a fire pump set is considered likely to fail, it's better that it attempts to run in an emergency, than it be switched off and not run at all.

Some fire pump companies can be too quick to condemn a pump set. If we discover a fire pump set is likely to fail during an emergency - and as long as it will not pose an immediate danger to life - we inform the client, leave the equipment online, and see to the repairs as a matter of priority.

Our engineer's carry common issue spares on their vans which can enable them to get fire pumps up and running again quicker.

A fire pump set's control panel

Routine servicing & certification

We carry out full fire pump services to sets driven by both diesel engines and electric motors.

It is recommended that fire pumps be serviced once every three months. For diesel driven fire pumps this should include one major service every 12 months. A major service is when its oil and filters are changed, and sometimes its air filter, depending on the model.

When a fire pump set passes its service, a Certificate of Fire Fighting Condition is created and will remain valid until the fire pump is due its next service.

24-month services of diesel fire pump engines are also available. This service typically includes replacing hoses, belts, thermostats, and gaskets.

Our service sheets are easy to understand and our engineers ready to answer any follow-up questions there might be.

Fire pump services include:

  • Planned three-, six-monthly, and yearly fire pump maintenance routines
  • Planned weekly fire pump testing routines
  • Fire pump commissioning
  • Fire pump flow testing
  • Report sheets that are archived physically and digitally
  • On location fire pump, engine, control panel and jockey pump repairs
  • Replacement fire pumps, engines, control panels and jockey pumps designed and manufactured by LPCB and FM approved manufacturers
  • Fire pump engine rebuilds and overhauls
  • Full replacement pump set installations
  • On location demonstrations and training of equipment

In addition to the above, we can perform full refurbishment and repair work on pumps, engines, and motors. If required, this can include removal from site and re-installation.

Our work meets Loss Prevention Council (LPC) or Factory Mutual (FM) approved standards.

Quality replacements & parts

  • Supplier of Armstrong Fluid Technology replacements and spares for the fire pump industry
  • Supplier of Patterson Pumps replacements and spares for the fire pump industry
  • Supplier of SPP Pumps replacements and spares for the fire pump industry
  • Supplier of Harrijess Controls replacements and spares for the fire pump industry
  • Supplier of Clarke Fire replacements and spares for the fire pump industry

Genuine & alternative options available

Longterm relationships with many of the world's best pump manufacturers enable us to quote competitively for and promptly deliver spares and replacement equipment.

  • Grundfos
  • SPP
  • Patterson
  • Armstrong
  • Lowara
  • Clarke
  • Harrijess
  • Tornatech
  • LPC approved
  • FM approved
  • Jockey pump
  • Diesel controller
  • NiCad battery
  • Oil and filters
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New sprinkler company

Interested in hiring a new fire sprinkler company? We partner with trustworthy companies we'd be happy to recommend. Alternatively, you can hire through us, utilising our years of industry knowledge and experience.

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